wayward-word-press-announce: The Wayward Internet Technologists, the TWITs

The Wayward Word Press (TWWP) is pleased to announce the formation of a new team, The Wayward Internet Technologists, the TWITs.

This idea for the team was suggested by our founding member, Dave Shields, an original twit. He has a dream — to build a team consisting of volunteer members drawn from both the Open Source Software (OSS) community, and from every other imaginable community to boot, especially everyone who has ever booted up Linux.

TWWP plans to use the same pythonic techniques pioneered by the Python organization.

TWWP also has a business model: the TWITs will use open source technology to have fun while delivering a priceless product: humor. This will be accomplished by using a promising technology called “blogging,” as we believe that if we can make people fall off their log chairs laughing, or from any chairs for that matter, if we can bend them over with laughter, then they will come to say,”The Wayward Word Press: it’s priceless!”

That is our motto: The Wayward Word Press: Priceless

WWP will offer a single product: Laugh Out Loud Blogs (LOLB’s).

TWWP has great confidence in the TWIT team. For if they can deliver on their promise then our readership will grow, earning WWP the admiration and laughter we believe we deserve, something we deem to be priceless.

TWWP will use precisely defined metrics so all can measure our performance, and will also announce strategic goals as appropriate.

How we will be measured, with the current status:

Date 26 September 2006
Registered TWITs: 1
Blog Entries to Date: 125
Total views: 776
Best Day Ever: 140 views
English pages for twit (google): 2,950,000
Project goal for ‘twit” pages: googol (Kasner/Newman[1]
lowest numbered page on above about us: not yet found

Job Openings: All interested parties are welcome to join. Instructions on how to join our team will be published soon, in a blog entry to be titled, “I Want to be a TWIT.”

WWP is a true meritocracy: you will be measured by your wit; to wit, your job will be to be witty, to be a demonstrated Witty TWITy.

As new members of the WordPress.com community, will strive to seek a leadership position in that community. We have high hopes. Beginning by laboring in obscurity, we will aim to make you laugh and laugh, so our readership will grow and grow and grow.

All will be able to monitor our efforts daily. Our first milestone will be to become one of the wordpress.com Top Blogs.

And if can make the that milestone, we will strive even harder to reach that second milestone, the one that will really put us on the map.

Yes, you guessed it. The TWITs are taking on Number 2 himself, Robert Scoble,, the Tech Geek Blogger.

Tech? Geek? Blogger? We do tech. We know geek. We will learn to blog. We have a secret weapon on hand. We know Scoble learned his trade with the Masters of DUD. But

We know Linux!

Yes, we know Linux. It’s our secret source, our secret sauce, the work of pirates:

Scooby-do Scoble:

We know you think we’re just joking, but that’s the point!

We know Linux! We will use Linux to make our readers laugh, to make you weep.

Read ’em and weep. See you on the list…


1. I first learned about ‘googol’ back around 1959. Do you remember what you bought with your first few paychecks? I do. I don’t remember the order, or the third, but I do remember the first two:

I still had the Newman books until a couple of years ago when I had to throw them away because they had gotten musty.
I read almost all of those four volumes and that is probably why I majored in mathematics as an undergraduate. It’s easy to tell if someone has read those books. A decade ago you could asked them what “googol” meant, but we all know now. So just ask them, “‘1729?”

I almost bought a K&E rule last spring; indeed I was going to place an order, but the guy selling one never called back.



  1. Posted September 26, 2006 at 16:18 | Permalink | Reply

    Hmm. It might be worth setting up a WordPress blog just to join in on this lunacy. I’ve got the cycles fof it.. sure I do. Somewhere around here..

  2. Posted September 26, 2006 at 22:33 | Permalink | Reply

    Sorry RoUS, all those spare cycles you’re used to seeing floating around got re-deployed back to the field. Or something like that.

    One wonders if Dave had these other twits in mind when he came up with this idea?

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