How do we communicate? We need a protocol. Yes, the open-TWIT protocol

We need a way to communicate, some way to write text in a way that it can be transmitted from one point to the next without being altered during the trip. We are going to start off by just exchanging text contained solely within the subject lines of blog entries.

We are going to make all this a little easier because I have pre-seeded the BlogRoll with people whom I think will be reading this blog from time to time.

Let’s define a TWIT message to be a string of the form “sender HELLO receiver.”

I am about the sent a TWIT message. I will then look at the various blogrolls, looking for a file with entry “receiver CONFIRMS sender HELLO receiver.”

Let’s put it to a test, in the form of the next post to this blog. The goal here is to get Steve O’Grady to post a blog entry with the title “Steve O’Grady CONFIRMS Dave Shields HELLO Steve O’Grady.” We don’t care about the body for now, just what’s in the post.

So let’s it soon and see if it gets through. We are about to learn if we are truly laboring in obscurity or if there are some people out there who will come across this, take some action, and send that cheery HELLO back our way.

Here we go…

Copyright (c) 2006 by David Shields. Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


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  1. cabbey
    Posted September 30, 2006 at 02:41 | Permalink | Reply


    Why impose such a rigid, linear, format to otherwise open and free wheeling form of communication? We alredy have two way communications in blogs, you’ve even used it. James posted an entry (I think in his blog), you read it, you replied in your blog, he read it, commented in your blog. There you go, a nice simple conversation, with out any overt protocols.

    And this already happens elsewhere, outside this circle of bloggers… see for example the obvious back and forths between Daring Fireball and Kieren McCarthy. (it was the first example outside that came to hand.)

    But this isn’t even a modern development. Think back to pre-computer days… some researcher publishes a paper on some topic, say a wild theory about how you can explain the motion of some of the planets in the sky. Later, another researcher publishes another paper, either building on that work, or deconstructing it. Maybe several papers are published in response… some of them under aliases because the authors live in a repressive society that won’t accept their radical thoughts. Out of those papers, maybe a few are so good they in turn generate new ideas and papers. Over time, a sort of dialog ensues… and what do you know, a centry later… whamo… we have newtonian physics and can explain the orbits of the planets, the moons, and even the stars in the galaxy. (In this case the 400 year old “bloggers of their era” I’m thinking of are Brahe, Galilei and Kepler.)

    I sometimes wish Watson had said “Think and KISS” instead… we all need that reminder just as often to “keep it simple, silly.”

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