On blog posting: DUD? RERO? or BLOAT?

The software development models discussed in the previous post apply not just to software development but to blogging

For example, I try to use the RERO approach in posting. The DUD approach suggests that posts should be carefully designed and released in a targeted fashion. However, as I have often noted the The Future is Now effect makes is hard to structure blog entries in sequence.

So I just write posts as fast as I can and release them when they’re done. So I may make five posts in one day and none the next. No matter. I just push them out when they are done.

I’ve gotten some confirmation lately that this approach makes sense.

The recent “Kaddish” post had no readers for almost a day after it first appeared, yet during that time there were views of many other posts, some of them written weeks earlier.

Yesterday I posted in response to a requeste for “Thanks” from the folks at Redmonk. That resulted in 11 of the 54 views yesterday. Today so far it has accounted for 28 of 80 views. None of my recent posts has yet been viewed, yet I see views for the much order posts, including the first post that was a letter to Lockheed-Martin’s CEO, “Happy Birthday Alphaworks!” and “A. J. Liebling’s quote about the Press.”

So bloggers: release early, and release often. Take some time as you write, but don’t spend hours and hours fretting over each new post. The more you write the more you will learn.



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    The previous comment is most likely some kind of spam. However, I have such a great fondness for the Russian language that I approved it, just so I now can see writing in the Cyrillic alphabet without leaving this blog.

    Bolshoi spasibo, dave

  3. Posted May 20, 2009 at 18:26 | Permalink | Reply

    Ну, как сказать, понравилось конечно:) Хотя я все равно почти ничего не понял. 🙂

    In russian, this roughly reads, “Now, how to say it, interesting of course. I want all the time to write nothing that can’t be understood.”

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