xo-ubuntu: Installing Ubuntu on the Lenovo T60 Thinkpad

I got a spiffy new Lenovo T60 Thinkpad yesterday. I spent last night installing and configuring Windows XP Pro on it, as described in my post Windows XP Configuration and Migration on the T60 Thinkpad.

The only problem with the T60 was that it came with Windows XP Pro. I fixed that earlier this morning, when I spent an hour at so at IBM Research in Yorktown. The lab is only about a ten-minute drive from the back porch where I do my work, and I went there to take advantage of their 1GB internet support. I can thus confirm that the T60 1GB ethernet chip works at high speed.

I installed the latest version of Ubuntu, 7.10. Installation was flawless. I spent about as much time partitioning the disk (shrinking the Windows partition, setting up the swap, root and other partitions) as it took to install Ubuntu. Overall it took about an hour, just about the time it took to enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin I had purchased in the cafeteria.

I also got Notes and Sametime running. Those are the key apps I need to use Ubuntu instead of Windows in my work.

My favorite program is Firefox, as I need a browser to both write blog posts and savor my great prose after finishing them.

Indeed, I am writing this post using Ubuntu and Firefox, and I will now take a picture of the screen.

Done, here you go:

Blogging about Ubuntu using WordPress running on Ubuntu
Blogging about Ubuntu using WordPress running on Ubuntu

I also took a picture of XO-Tux noting with satisfaction that I was now running Ubuntu on the T60. “You get it, Dave,” he is saying silently:
Xo-Tux admiring T60 running Ubuntu 7.10
XO-Tux admiring T60 running Ubuntu 7.10

Oops, I forget to see if wireless works on the T60. Let me unplug the ethernet cable and check that… Oops, it doesn’t work out of the box. I’ll figure out how to do this later and write a blog post about it.

However, with a wired connection the T60 works like a champ.

I also compared boot times on the T60 for Win XP Pro and Ubuntu 7.10: 110 seconds for XP, 65 for Ubuntu.

I’ll keep you posted on any problems encounter using the T60 to run Ubuntu. I’ll also use the T60 running Ubuntu to write my posts from now on.

Until my XO laptop arrives, that is.

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