On Programming in Assembly Language: The 49ers

This continues my series of posts about programming in assembly language.

Evidence, suggests that only 1 in 10,000 or so programmers active today has even a clue about how a computer operates.

For example a colleague — who does know assembly language — recently had dinner with a former senior IBM Research executive — who also knows assembly language — who now has 4500 programmers working under him.

His best guess is that not *one* of them knows assembly language.

By the way, assembly language is not the language spoken by principals at school assemblies.

Real assembly language programmers know principles of operation, not principals in operation.

The programming population can thus be divided into the 99.99 per cent of those who claim to be programmers who do not know how a computer operates, and the .01 per cent who do.

In my view the 9999’s should just call themselves the 49ers and go find something else to do, for they sure as hell are not programmers.

They are, however, similar to many recent 49ers teams in that they are also losers.

I am a programmer. I know assembly language

I am one of the .01 percent.

I am One for Chappaqua!


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